Glamping Event Ideas

Every Event is a Glamping Event

Glamping experiences make great birthday gifts, anniversary celebrations, or fun “just because” overnighters, and with both indoor and outdoor options available, there are no limits to the glamping experiences you can create! Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Those Grandkids Aren’t Going to Spoil Themselves

Be the coolest grandpa and grandma around when you surprise your grandkids with a special glamping treat! Glamping with your grandkids is a no-brainer! You get to enjoy creating an unforgettable memory. Your grandkids get to enjoy an all-attention-on-them overnight with grandpa and grandma. And, your kids will appreciate a break from their parental responsibilities. It’s a win-win-win!

Make Time for Mommy and Me

Give your son or daughter the ultimate gift: your complete attention! Nothing says “I love you” more than giving your child the opportunity to be fully seen, heard, and loved by you. Glamping makes it easy to create a fun and special memory that will last forever while strengthening that special bond between you and your child.

Glamping Out With Dad

Why a glamp-out? That’s easy. You can limit distractions, foster opportunities for conversation, share an appreciation for nature, and have a tent-load of fun! Kids love quality time with Dad, and every moment spent on this glamping overnighter is an investment that will return future rewards and help build a bond that will last forever.

The Ultimate Sleepover

Go beyond ordinary sleepovers and slumber parties when you go glamping! After all, special friends are worthy of special events. Whether for birthday parties or you simply need a way to respond to the infamous “I’m bored,” you can help your kids impress their friends when you plan the ultimate sleepover for their next overnight gathering.

Start Your Glamping Adventure Today!

Make your next overnight something they’ll remember.

A Romantic Getaway? Yes, Please!

Invest in your marriage by surprising your husband or wife and creating a cherished memory. No matter the occasion, it’s always a good time to sneak away to your own private oasis, and fall in love all over again. Leave behind the noise and chaos of everyday life for your own little slice of glamping serenity.

Create a Kid Zone

Does this sound familiar? The grownups are having all the fun at the wedding, reunion or big family event and the kids are tugging at the sleeves saying, “Can we go yet? Can we go yet?” The next big grownup event doesn’t need to be that way, set up our glamping tent and let the kids play in their “kids-only” zone.

At the Lakes: Play All Day, Sleep All Night

Living in the lakes area can turn into lots of fun for lots of people! When your lake day excitement draws more people than your lake space can accommodate, pitch our glamping tent! You provide your lake guests will all the fun of an activity-filled day at the lake, and we’ll provide the carefree relaxation of an overnight sleepover with a comfortable lake breeze.

Girls’ Night

Girls just want to have fun, and the glamping fun is the perfect kind of fun for the next all-girl get-together. Your girlfriends will talk about these memories for years to come!

Who Says You Can’t Please Everybody?

Mix and match indoor glamping themes to satisfy your individual guest’s decorative preferences. provides sleepover tent rentals for the Fargo ND, West Fargo ND, Horace ND, Moorhead MN, Dilworth MN areas and beyond. We bring the glamping experience to you and take care of all the setup so you can enjoy your ultimate sleepover.