Travel Charge

Our service area includes locations within a radius of 45 miles from the Fargo-Moorhead area. A modest travel charge will be added for glamping events outside of these areas: Fargo, ND; West Fargo, ND; Horace, ND; Moorhead, MN; and Dilworth, MN.

LocationTravel Charge
Abercrombie, ND$115
Absaraka, ND$118
Ada, MN$155
Amenia, ND$93
Argusville, ND$59
Arthur, ND$96
Ayr, ND$132
Barnesville, MN$90
Borup, MN$107
Buffalo, ND$144
Casselton, ND$65
Christine, ND$84
Colfax, ND$124
Comstock, MN$51
Davenport, ND$53
Dilworth, MNNo Travel Charge
Erie, ND$132
Fargo, NDNo Travel Charge
Felton, MN$84
Galesburg, ND$155
Gardner, ND$87
Georgetown, MN$68
Glyndon, MN$48
Grandin, ND$98
Halstad, MN$149
Harwood, ND$31
Hawley, MN$98
Hendrum, MN$113
Hillsboro, ND$155
Hitterdal, MN$121
Horace, NDNo Travel Charge
Hunter, ND$121
Kent, MN$129
Kindred, ND$70
Lake Park, MN$141
Leonard, ND$113
Mapleton, ND$51
Mcleod, ND$152
Moorhead, MNNo Travel Charge
Perley, MN$93
Rothsay, MN$146
Sabin, MN$28
Sheldon, ND$146
Ulen, MN$141
Walcott, ND$98
West Fargo, NDNo Travel Charge
Wheatland, ND$98
Wolverton, MN$96

Not seeing your favorite location? Please contact us for availability beyond this service area. provides sleepover tent rentals for the Fargo ND, West Fargo ND, Horace ND, Moorhead MN, Dilworth MN areas and beyond. We bring the glamping experience to you and take care of all the setup so you can enjoy your ultimate sleepover.